Sean Gerber

Sean Gerber
Sean Gerber (@MrSeanGerber) is the Executive Editor of Superhero News. When he's not writing about superheroes and genre entertainment, you can see him talk about them as the host of the Superhero News Show on YouTube and listen to him on the Marvel Studios News podcast.

Marvel News #25: Daredevil Season 1 Retrospective

Before Daredevil returns to Netflix for its second season this Friday, Sean Gerber, Paul Hermann, and guest co-host Ricky Church look back on the Marvel series' first...

Marvel News #24: Captain America: Civil War Trailer Reaction, Plus Spider-Man!

Sean Gerber and Paul Hermann offer their reactions to the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War (spoiler: they liked it... a lot) including our first look at Spider-Man...

Marvel News #23: Captain America: Civil War Expectations, Daredevil Trailer Reaction

Sean Gerber and Paul Hermann discuss all the latest news surrounding Captain America: Civil War and how it's impacting their already lofty expectations for the film. They also...

Marvel News #22: Deadpool Review

Sean Gerber and Paul Hermann review the R-rated box office sensation Deadpool. Is it as good as its hype? They also discuss the impact the film has made...

Marvel News #21: Marvel (Fox) 2016 Movie Preview

Marvel News continues its 2016 movie preview. This week, hosts Sean Gerber and Paul Hermann focus on the Fox's Marvel movie offerings, DEADPOOL and X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. Before that...

Marvel News #20: Marvel Cinematic Universe 2016 Preview

Welcome Marvel News to the Superhero News family of podcasts! Formerly known as Making Mine Marvel, Marvel News is now Superhero News' dedicated Marvel...

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