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‘The Punisher’ first look image reveals Jon Bernthal’s full costume

Marvel/Netflix has released a new first look image for The Punisher season 1, which shines a spotlight on the titular anti-hero’s full costume. Gritty, grimy, and decked out entirely in black, Castle looks ready to hit the streets of New York City and assist various criminal scum with meeting their makers. By the time Frank […]



‘Logan’ passes $500 million worldwide

It all seems to be paying off, as the money continues to roll in. According to Box Office Mojo, the movie has now garnered $184 million domestically and another $339 million internationally. With a grand total of $523 million as of yesterday, the film is already the best performing solo Wolverine film. While it sits […]



‘Logan’ director explains why Wolverine’s yellow costume doesn’t make sense

With The Wolverine: Unleashed Edition, we get that great tease, of course, of the yellow costume – was there ever any pressure or desire to, “Fine, let’s suit him up in the yellow”? James Mangold: I always feel a certain contingent of fans who are yearning for it. But the biggest block I’ve had – […]



‘Logan’ photo officially confirms the Reavers for the film

The following Logan image was released online through the film’s official wponx Instagram account, accompanied by the simple-yet-telling single line description “Reaver.” This image appears to show Logan cast member David Kallaway (The Magnificent Seven [2016]) dressed in armor as a member of the Reaver organization founded by Pierce in the X-Men comics… and, one […]