Channing Tatum’s ‘Gambit’ loses its director

Doug Liman is no longer directing Gambit. The Mr. and Mrs. Smith director has moved off Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men spin-off, which still has Channing Tatum attached to star. Insiders tell The Hollywood Reporter the studio is still intent on starting production in January and has Josh Zetumer on writing duties. A source describes split […]



‘Gambit’ pulled from 2016 release schedule, Fox dates two mystery Marvel movies

Gambit will no longer arrive in theaters on it’s planned October 7th release date, and while a new release date has not been announced, Fox has slated two mystery Marvel projects for October 6, 2017, and January 12, 2018. The first film will face off against Andy Serkis‘ The Jungle Book: Origins, while the second […]



The real reason why director Rupert Wyatt left ‘Gambit’

On Gambit, Fox never believed that it was heading into a situation with Wyatt that would have recalled its difficulties with Trank, who was said to be withdrawn and isolated while making Fantastic Four. Wyatt is “a talented guy,” says a studio source. “He shows up. He comes early. He stays late. He’s got good […]

Deadpool Gambit X-Men


Yep, there’s a plan to cross over ‘Deadpool,’ ‘Gambit’ and ‘X-Men’

“The idea is that we’ve sort of reset the timeline after ’Days of Future Past’ in some ways, and if not erased, certainly allowed for change from ’X1,’ ’2,’ ’3,’ everything from ’Days of Future Past’ forward, 1973, everything we set now becomes canon,” he said. “So the ’Gambit’ movie, the ’Deadpool’ movie, will exist […]