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One of the best attributes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that there is a certain level of quality that fans can expect from each of the films that Marvel Studios releases. They are likely going to be good films that follow their source material well, with lots of clever Easter Eggs for the fans of the original comic books. Once you got outside the MCU, though, you are dealing with unknown territory. You never know whether the filmmakers will even be fans of the original comic books or whether they will try to change as much as possible to try to put their own particular stamp on the material.

In the case of Sony’s new Venom film, however, the director of the film, Ruben Fleischer, clearly believes in paying tribute to the original Venom comic books. He was a big fan of the comics and revealed a number of rather obscure Easter Eggs well before the film even came out. As a result, Venom is incredibly faithful to the original Venom comics. The basic plot of the film is taken directly from the first Venom miniseries that came out in 1993. In addition, Fleischer packed the film with tons of Easter Eggs and clever references that longtime Venom fans will instantly recognize. Some of these bits are just outright adapting plots from old Venom comics, like Eddie Brock’s ex-wife, Anne, briefly becoming She-Venom. That is more than an Easter Egg. However, there are also smaller bits that you would miss if you did not know that they were intended to be references to the comics. See how many of these that you caught in the film!

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