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Ken Nolan and Geneva Robertson-Dworet have been set to join the group of writers who, starting Monday, will gather in an office on the Paramount lot to hatch the next iterations of the billion-dollar Transformers franchise. Nolan is best known for Black Hawk Down and Fox recently acquired his spec adaptation of the Robert Littell Cold War novel Defection, this after Nolan turned his novel The Company into a limited TNT series. Robertson-Dworet, who co-wrote the Black List script Hibernation, is writing a space thriller for Roland Emmerich that will be directed by his longtime DP Anna Foerster. She is also teamed with Will Frank on a sci-fi action thriller for Jerry Bruckheimer and a psychological thriller for Bad Robot that’s produced by The Imitation Game‘s Ido Ostrowsky and Nora Grossman.

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