Marvel Studios

Last month, it was reported Marvel was planning to move forward with a third Ant-Man film. That’s now been all but confirmed thanks to a new report from The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the report, director Peyton Reed will helm Ant-Man 3, with filming expected to begin in 2020 or 2021. Then, Marvel will reportedly release the film in 2022, corroborating the report from last month.

No other details have been revealed at this time, and Marvel has yet to reveal its plans beyond Phase 4, which includes a third Thor film, a solo Black Widow outing, and more.

The last time we saw Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), he was traveling through time, ultimately helping the Avengers defeat Thanos. It’s unclear if he’ll play a part in Phase 4, but at least we know Marvel still has big plans for the character.

Barring any cameo appearances, Ant-Man 3 would be Rudd’s fifth time playing Ant-Man. Seeing as the Quantum Realm could become an ever larger part of the MCU’s future, expect Rudd to add to that tally before all is said and done.