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Filmmaker Peyton Reed understands well that good things sometimes come in small packages. That’s why even though he obviously crafted Ant-Man and the Wasp, his second major movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to play big and bombastic on the towering screens at the multiplex, he’s just as excited for audiences to enjoy it again or discover it for the first time at a scaled-down level on home video.

With the film available for digital download back on October 2nd and making its Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD debut today, October 16th, Reed helped host a showing of original concept art from the film at Los Angeles’ Hero Complex Gallery prior to the release. He also took some time to join to reflect on his experiences making the film and look ahead to where he might take the characters next. In fact, the future looks very female, as he has big plans percolating for both Hope and Janet van Dyne, as well as Cassie Lang. And there’s the increasingly very real prospect of finally getting his hands on Marvel’s first family, if the Hollywood deal-making gods ultimately smile on the ever-nearing Disney-Fox merger.

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