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Andrew Barrer & Gabriel Ferrari, who spent half a year doing the production rewriting on Marvel’s Ant-Man, have become the latest to join the Writer’s Room that Paramount Pictures and director Michael Bay have organized to hatch sequels, prequels and spinoffs on their billion dollar Transformers franchise. I’m hearing that one of the ideas in the works has a working title of Transformers One, and that it is more or less an origins story that takes place on Cybertron, the planet where the good guy and bad guy robots hail from. Those talks originated with rights holder Hasbro. I’d also heard that this might be an animated feature, but that Barrer & Ferrari are also going to the writer’s room with the expectation they’ll write a live action Transformers movie, as well. Paramount insiders said that they haven’t gotten that far on the specific projects, but I am told this is the plan. A Cybertron movie sounds like fertile ground for a feature, to me.

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