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The flipside of that is that we heard that Evangeline Lilly and the Wasp are going to be in “Avengers 4.” Tell me about sharing your characters. What’s fun about letting one of your heavy-hitters go into somebody else’s movie.

Again, that is one of the sort of things where it’s a mixed bag. When I first found out — gosh, I don’t know, two years ago, a year-and-a-half ago — that “Civil War” was going to get the Giant-Man premiere, I was like “No!” But, now, I’ve since recovered, and we have a lot more in store for Scott Lang in this movie.

We get to see the Wasp debut — we’re all about the Wasp and Ant-Man. So I like it, because we spend a lot of time with our different writers and directors, and there’s a lot of crosstalk, and I love that.

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