When Warner Bros. announced its series of superhero movies that will follow Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the one that was instantly the most curious was Aquaman. As a character, Aquaman feels incredibly tricky to pull off on the big screen, let alone keeping the adaptation in line with Warner Bros.’ grounded, gritty tone. Jason Momoa was cast as the sea-faring hero, and we got our first preview of the DC Cinematic Universe’s approach by way of a first-look image when Batman v Superman was still in production. The character is certainly gritty looking, but still, executing a full Aquaman movie is going to be a difficult endeavor, and one that director James Wan—the filmmaker who recently made the jump from horror films like Saw and The Conjuring to blockbuster filmmaking with Furious 7—will be undertaking.

When Steve recently sat down with Charles Roven, one of the members of the DCCU Brain Trust and a producer on Aquaman, for an extended interview, Roven provided an update on Aquaman.

SOURCE: Collider (via Batman News)