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Bloodshot has a first-time director in Dave Wilson, the longtime Blur Studios collaborator of Deadpool director Tim Miller (who, as it happens, is helming his own mechanized-assassin movie with The Terminator reboot that has been shooting in Europe). Andrea Giannetti is overseeing for Sony, which has Cross Creek as a partner on the project. Sony high hopes that Bloodshot will be the keystone for a new cinematic universe based on Valiant superhero properties (X-O Manowar and Harbinger among them) in an interlocking mythology.

Last week, the Bloodshot set had a special visitor: Bob Layton, co-creator of the character and the former editor-in-chief of Valiant, made the long journey to see his brainchild make the leap to a new medium. Deadline caught up with Layton upon his return and learned more about the film, which is due in theaters in February 2020.

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