Venom (2018)
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After Venom shocked us all by snagging an $80 million opening weekend, much of the talk online was about how the Tom Hardy vehicle’s success would be short-lived and that it would surely take a big (-60% or more) drop in its second weekend. First of all, a big comic book superhero movie falling 60% or more in its second weekend is no longer considered a major issue. Second, just in the last three years, we’ve seen a handful of big superhero flicks take arguable nose-dives in weekend two only to reassert themselves over the next month for an eventually happy ending.

So, for my own research, I dug up an old list I made three years ago for the 16-biggest second-weekend drops for comic book superhero movies. To my amusement, we’ve actually had a handful of new entries on the list. Moreover, the likes of Spider-Man: Homecoming, Deadpool 2 and Suicide Squad (along with Ant-Man and the Wasp, which dropped “only” 61% this summer) recovered accordingly and ended up with perfectly acceptable ($300 million+) domestic totals. So, for those who are curious, here are the 22-biggest second-weekend drops for major comic book superhero movies.

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