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MGM and New Line’s Creed II opened with a knockout $35.2 million Fri-Sun/$55.8m Wed-Sun debut. That’s (sans inflation) the biggest opening weekend ever for a live-action flick on Thanksgiving weekend, as well as the biggest debut for a sports movie. With a 30% larger five-day debut compared to Creed ($42m in 2015) and surprisingly decent reviews to boot, the Michael B. Jordan/Sylvester Stallone boxing drama is a true-blue breakout sequel. Whether or not it legs its way past the unadjusted gross of Rocky IV ($127m in 1985), it is a fine example of a two-for-one sequel that connected with fans of both respective franchises. It’s a Creed sequel and Rocky sequel in equal measures, without one franchise overwhelming the other. The response is excellent news for M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass.

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