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‘Justice League’ costume designer reveals why Superman’s black suit was scrapped

If you’ve seen the deleted Superman scenes from the Justice League Blu-ray, you know that his black suit was teased in the background. Now according to a new interview with costume designer Michael Wilkinson we know that director Zack Snyder wanted Superman to wear the costume in the movie, and why those plans were scrapped.

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Justice League Mortal Costumes Photo

First look at the Justice League costumes from George Miller’s canceled movie

We got a look at Wonder Woman a couple of years ago, but we’ve never seen the other heroes… until now! Collider shared a photo of the main heroes suited up, which you can check out above. Unfortunately it’s not a high quality photo, but you can still get a decent look. DC Films Hub […]

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NYT best-selling author slams ‘Justice League’: “Definitely let me write Batgirl”

Last night, Gay watched Justice League for the first time and she wasn’t happy with it. Her displeasure with it seemed to make her want to write Batgirl even more. “It took real effort to make Justice League this bad,” she said. “Definitely let me write Batgirl.” She added: “Two hours felt like four. Boring […]

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‘Justice League’ VFX artist shares deleted Batman and Superman footage

Justice League visual effects artist Ariel Suero shared a quick reel of the work he did on the movie. In the clip above, you can see new footage of Superman talking to Batman. Suero worked on removing Henry Cavill’s mustache, as well as CGI for Cyborg and the parademons. VIA: Batman News

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Zack Snyder Justice League Cemetery Scene F

Zack Snyder shares ‘Justice League’ photo from deleted cemetery scene

Now thanks to a new Zack Snyder post on Vero, we have our first look at the deleted cemetery scene from Justice League. In the photo above, we get to see Wonder Woman, Cyborg, The Flash, and Aquaman all in coats at the cemetery. “This crew,” Snyder captioned the photo.

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justice-league-blu-ray-cover F

‘Justice League’ Blu-ray review: As close to the “Snyder cut” as we may get

Justice League is already available on Digital HD, but on Tuesday, March 13th the Blu-ray will be available. The big selling point is that it includes two deleted Superman scenes. The Blu-ray features superior image and audio quality over the Digital HD version, as well as over an hour of special features. I’m going to talk […]