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Justice League

Henry Cavill Superman Mustache

Henry Cavill talks “extensive” ‘Justice League’ reshoots and the “ridiculous” Superman marketing

Empire Magazine interviewed Henry Cavill recently and he talked about a wide range of Justice League topics, from the reshoots to his mustache, and even the Superman marketing (or lack thereof).

Justice League


Zack Snyder comments on the epic deleted Batman shot from ‘Justice League’

“First of all… I shot it,” Snyder said as he shared the Batman photo above. This was actually released by Warner Bros. just a week or so before Justice League hit theaters. But this cool shot was nowhere to be seen in the actual movie. Instead, we got the the shot below. A tarp was […]

Justice League


‘Justice League’ concept art reveals a scarier version of Steppenwolf

“Here is some more early concept art of Steppenwolf from Justice League,” Marantz wrote on Instagram. “I did so many versions of this character while working with costume designer Michael Wilkinson on the film. I was looking online and noticed that there were a lot paintings already released with this design in them. This was […]

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‘Justice League’ star Ezra Miller compliments fan wearing a custom “Snyder Cut” t-shirt

The fan, who was wearing a custom “I Need Snyder Cut” t-shirt, met Ezra Miller at an autograph signing at the event. According to the fan, Miller said that he agreed with his t-shirt and even complimented him on his hair. You can watch their interaction in the video below. I can’t believe 😭😭😭😍 I […]

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‘Justice League’ costume designer reveals why Superman’s black suit was scrapped

If you’ve seen the deleted Superman scenes from the Justice League Blu-ray, you know that his black suit was teased in the background. Now according to a new interview with costume designer Michael Wilkinson we know that director Zack Snyder wanted Superman to wear the costume in the movie, and why those plans were scrapped.