Justice League

Tyrese shares another Green Lantern photo, says “see you soon”

http://instagram.com/p/0pWF6JIZmb/ http://instagram.com/p/0pWarBIZmq/

The Rock says Black Adam could be in ‘Justice League’ (video)

Dwayne Johnson on taking the DC Comics character from villain to hero in Shazam and beyond.

Zack Snyder’s Green Lantern will likely be John Stewart

There's been speculation among fans that the character John Diggle from the TV show Arrow is really John Stewart, aka the Green Lantern. Arrow...

Ezra Miller talks about landing the role of The Flash (video)

“He says, ‘I have Zack Snyder on the phone, and he wants to talk to you about this DC Universe thing,’” Miller recalled. “And...

Did Tyrese just land himself a Green Lantern meeting at Warner Bros.?

Just minutes ago Tyrese posted a photo at the Warner Bros. lot with the caption "I don't talk..... I move..... #WB #GreenLanternMission": http://instagram.com/p/yaebkKoZpK/

Tyrese Gibson just teased a possible Green Lantern role on Instagram


Warner Bros. announces entire DC movie lineup: casting announcements, release dates, and more

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara just dropped a bunch of news about their upcoming DC Comics movies on a shareholder call. The Wall Street...

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