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Just a day after we saw the veteran X-Men mutant Colossus as the endearing anchor of Deadpool’s IMAX poster, now it can finally be revealed which actor is playing the 7-and-a-half-foot metallic muscle house. Contrary to previously published news, EW can exclusively report that Colossus is voiced and partly performed via motion capture by Serbian actor Stefan Kapicic. The 37-year-old, who has made appearances on TV series such as 24 and The Event, was an eleventh-hour replacement for Andre Tricoteux in the role. (Actor Daniel Cudmore has played Colossus in three of the X-Men films.) Kapicic, in fact, only completed his performance in mid-December, a mere eight weeks before the movie’s Feb. 12 opening.

In an interview from his native Serbia, Kapicic tells EW about the casting process, finding the voice for the Russian mutant (which is more or less his own), and the immense fanboy excitement he feels at giving weight to an already heavy character.

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