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In addition to the first trailer for Dark Phoenix, IGN also has two exclusive photos from the long-awaited next X-Men movie to share with you. I also had the chance to chat separately today with director-writer Simon Kinberg and Jean Grey actress Sophie Turner about the film, which offers a new interpretation of the Dark Phoenix saga previously adapted for X-Men: The Last Stand. One of our exclusive photos is the first look at new mutant characters played by Andrew Stehlin and Kota Eberhardt.

Dark Phoenix marks the first time the X-Men movies have embraced the cosmic elements that were a part of the original Marvel Comics, particularly the Dark Phoenix saga. The filmmaker did confirm that the movie’s antagonist, played by Jessica Chastain, is an alien. He also confirmed that her character is not named “Smith” as had been reported, while opting to “plead the fifth” when pressed on earlier reports that the avian alien civilization known as the Shi’ar Empire was in the movie. (Chastain’s role was originally reported to be Lilandra, empress of the Shi’ar Empire.)

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