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Warner Bros. is planning to make a movie about The Joker. Actually, they might be making two, as a Todd Phillips-directed Joker origin movie potentially starring Joaquin Phoenix is already in development and now the studio hopes to have Jared Leto star in and produce a film about his version of the character, as introduced in Suicide Squad.

As usual, we are hearing about WB’s DC movie projects long before there’s any commitment to actually make them. Regardless, fans and journalists have been sharing their mixed opinions on the subject. Where some see a chance to poke fun, others, like Dave Bautista, see an opportunity.

Ever the optimist, Bautista took to Twitter to explain how WB’s Leto-Joker movie improves the odds of a Drax spinoff from Guardians of the Galaxy. His GotG director, James Gunn, also weighed in on the subject.

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