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He’s best known in the comic book movie community for The Dark Knight, but David Dastmalchian will be playing a bigger supporting role in Ant-Man next year. And while promoting his independent film Animals at the 2014 Virginia Film Festival, the actor was asked about his mystery character in the “Phase Two” Marvel movie and whether he will appear in “Phase Three” of the shared cinematic universe. “Well, your guess is as mine unfortunately,” Dastmalchian told ReelFilmNews before gushing about his Ant-Man experience. “I wish that I knew, but I will say that…[Ant-Man] is obviously not an independent film, it’s a huge studio film. But I’ve had an incredible experience working on that movie. I will [also] say that – I’ve been doing this for a little while, so I still feel like I’m new at being in films and working in film – but there is something about being around a group of people that are absolutely in love with their job and love what they’re creating. Whether it’s working on [Animals], which is what we were with a crew of 15 people, or working on this huge kind of epic Marvel film with this incredible star [Paul Rudd] and other stars in it, it’s been just an incredible experience. And I hope that I get to be involved in the future of that world because I’ve had so much fun doing it. It’s been a blast!”

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