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Our friends at Italian site Bad Taste have tipped us off to some juicy details of the Rome shoot for Spectre – the 24th entry in EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s James Bond franchise – in which Daniel Craig and Monica Bellucci will burn rubber and production dollars.

The two stars had a meeting today with Ignazio Marino, the Mayor of Rome, to talk details of the action in Italy’s capital city, which will begin lensing March 8. It will apparently involve a spectacular car chase in Via Nomentana, from viale Gorizia to Porta Pia. Filming will commence from 9pm to 6am, with traffic blocked during the night shoot for safety reasons. Residents will only be able to come home at pre-arranged time.

There will be another chase on the Lungotevere that will finish with James Bond’s car falling in the river, with Craig’s Agent 007 to be rescued by a helicopter. Additional chase footage will be shot in via Barberini, via Quattro Fontane and via Nazionale, as well as other locations such as Borgo Pio, the Milvian Bridge and all the streets and alleys around Piazza Navona.

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