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You are attached to write and direct X-Force for Fox. It’s unclear if (or when) that is happening. What do you find interesting about that property?

For me, it all starts with the source material. X-Men and Daredevil were the two. That’s who was hanging on my walls as a teenager. I came of age in the late ’80s, ’90s. So I was there when X-Force hit. This was the early ’90s, when everything had multiple covers.

And you had to collect them all. They were going to be worth so much money!

Correct. I spent all my money. I still have them in a box in my garage. The thing that was exciting about X-Force, in particular, was the fringe element of what X-Force was to the X-Men. I still feel like there is real opportunity to explore that. What Deadpool is to the superhero movie, X-Force can be to the team superhero movie. Similarly, I just want to work with Ryan. I just want to work with Josh. I just want to work with Zazie. I just want to work with them. They are very exciting, wonderful artists and that’s the other side of this that makes it fun.

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