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Turns out levitating hurts. On this humid day on the Baton Rouge, La., set of Fantastic Four, the psychically gifted Sue Storm (Kate Mara) is about to catch some major air. After a cosmic accident has rendered Sue and her three pals superpowerful (more on that later), the group is quarantined in a secret government facility. For this scene, in which Sue struggles to master her ability to float (she can also turn invisible and project force fields), Mara stands on a crane and makes faces usually reserved for squats or dead lifts. “Move your knees around,” yells director Josh Trank from below. “It’s painful! It’s painful!” In most comic-book adaptations, superpowers are mainly just supercool. In the new Four, they feel more like a disability. “It’s not easy at all,” Mara says. “It’s exhausting.”

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