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Trank initially fought hard to get Teller cast in the film, winning out over Fox’s objections. But the director and actor’s relationship later turned sour. According to a story in this week’s Entertainment Weekly, Trank and Teller did not get along on the set of the film; Trank was allegedly withdrawn during production, and Teller is frequently sarcastic, making for a bad combination. Things got so bad at one point, in fact, that Trank and Teller’s disagreement brought them chest-to-chest, daring one another to throw the first punch (Teller didn’t have the benefit of Mr. Fantastic’s super-stretchy arms in real life).

Neither man actually ended up throwing a punch, but it doesn’t seem as if the rest of the shoot went much better; previous reports from sources from the set have sources calling Trank’s behavior towards cast and crew abusive and cold, especially toward Kate Mara, who got the role of Sue Storm over his objections.

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