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As promised yesterday, we have what amount to a new extended trailer for Aquaman. Yes, it is amusing that this would debut right after Warner Bros.’ likely Fall blockbuster Star Is Born, but I suppose WB correctly thought that the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga flick would be a better launching pad for Clint Eastwood’s The Mule (co-starring Bradley Cooper), which had another one of WB’s patented “trailer framed around a single sequence” announcement teasers. Anyway, even without a panel at this weekend’s NYCC, now is as good a time as any (just shy of two months out) to offer up the previous SDCC-exclusive sizzle reel for James Wan’s DC Films actioner.

Speaking of James Wan, he has to be feeling pretty confident right now. No, not about Aquaman, I have no idea if that one turned out to be any good. But, if it doesn’t quite work, WB is loading up their schedule with Conjuring flicks and Wan-produced horror movies. They’ve got that “first full week of September” thing locked down between 2017 and 2022, and The Conjuring 3 just found a new director in the form of Michael Chaves and the horror universe has two other offerings (Annabelle 3 and The Crooked Man) on tap. And Wan’s got the clout to keep micromanaging WB executives out of the editing room.

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