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Silver & Black is no more. The news broke Thursday that Sony and Gina Prince-Bythewood’s Spider-Man spinoff has been shelved in favor of two separate movies starring Silver Sable and Black Cat. The news comes ahead of Sony’s release of Venom, which will launch a cinematic universe centering around supporting Spider-Man heroes and villains, while the webslinger continues to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Silver Sable’s prospects seem a lot clearer on the surface, so clear in fact that they could lead to a rather generic espionage film with a character who feels Black Widow-lite, and a team that feels cobbled together from Deadpool leftovers. The secret to getting Silver Sable right onscreen isn’t to focus on the familiar aspects we’ve seen before in other movies, but the unfamiliar ones that will make her memorable, and perhaps even a little controversial.

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