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He said he’d be back. Though in fairness, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s killer cyborg has never really been gone for long. It’s the return of James Cameron that’s really the surprise. This year the Terminator returns with a new movie, and a story developed by James Cameron. The sixth Terminator film, which was announced in 2017, finally has a title, one so fittingly Cameron-esque that you can almost hear Brad Fiedel’s iconic score in the background. Terminator: Dark Fate, directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller and written by Batman Begins’ David S. Goyer, will ignore the three previous films and only retain the original two Terminator movies as canon, while also bringing back Linda Hamilton as the iconic warrior woman, Sarah Connor. It’s a strategy that worked out well for Halloween (2018), and it might finally be the trick to set the franchise back on course for the future.

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