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Ask any fan for a list of their top ten moments from the first Avengers movie, and chances are that Mark Ruffalo’s reinterpretation of Bruce Banner/The Hulk will feature in at least three or four spots: smashing Loki; “That’s my secret, Captain – I’m always angry”; jolting Tony Stark back from the brink of death via a terrifying yell. Ruffalo’s version of the not-so-jolly green giant and his reluctant prisoner was wildly popular, and so it’s no surprise to see that he’ll be an integral part of Age Of Ultron, as the strength of his friendship with fellow Science Bro, Tony Stark, is tested (Hulkbuster ahoy!), and Banner’s command over The Hulk slowly weakens.

Empire caught up with Ruffalo in his trailer on set last April at the end of a long day, and spoke to him about what we can expect from Banner and The Hulk this time around, and Ruffalo’s excitement at the mo-cap possibilities open to him on this movie.

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