I absolutely love Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. I love the way Snyder grounded Superman in the real world, only finding his smile when he discovered who he really was. I loved the amazing, instantly iconic score by Hans Zimmer. I loved the opening scenes on Krypton, which felt like a real place and was everything the Green Lantern movie should have been. And I loved the entire cast, which was made up of great, eclectic actors who each brought their A-game. If Man of Steel is ever on cable or playing in the background, I’m hooked. It’s just one of those movies that has its teeth in me.

But as much as I love the movie, I know I’m not in the majority. Many people have issues with the film—especially the third act. Ever since the movie was in theaters, I feel like I’ve had to defend it again and again. Most of the time it’s a back and forth where each person tries to explain why they’re right and it’s pretty civil. However, I’ve had a few instances where the debate got pretty heated.

Which brings me to my interview with Anthony Mackie for director David Gordon Green’s political satire Our Brand is Crisis.

When I sat down with Mackie at the press junket, I decided to use my time to play “Save or Kill.” While most of the game was your normal back and forth, when I got to the DC or Marvel question, I figured he’d have a laugh since he plays Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we’d move on. But that wasn’t the case. At all.

As you’ll see in the video below, Mackie used the opportunity to take a swing at DC and while I love Marvel and Marvel movies, I wasn’t going to take anyone, even Falcon, badmouthing one of my favorite superhero movies.

Let me know what you think of our back and forth in the comment section. I expect this one to get a few of them…

SOURCE: Collider