Update: Josh Trank has responded to this story and says that it’s not true.

The production around Fantastic Four continues to get more interesting by the week. Last we heard, the film underwent a select amount of re-shoots, sometime in April, due to poor test screenings. The film, under the direction of Chronicle director Josh Trank has hit quite a few speed bumps since photography began in 2014.  Although unconfirmed by 20th Century Fox, multiple sources informed us that the film will no longer be undergoing a 3D release, which explains the updated tag at the end of the newest trailer. Previously, the tag read “In RealD 3D and Digital 3D” indicating a 3D release. Now, the tag reads “In Large Format Premium Theaters,” no longer advertising a 3D release. Sources tell us that the film axed the 3D release in favor of utilizing that budget for additional reshoots to help improve the story.


This is where it gets interesting. Superhero News has been informed by a source close to the film’s production that Fantastic Four producer and Kingsman: The Secret Service director Matthew Vaughn had assumed the role of director for the new April reshoots that took place. This begs the question of what Trank’s involvement in the entire production is at this point. Most recently, the young director was removed from the second Star Wars Anthology film following rumblings of production issues, indecisiveness and other factors. Having a director of Vaughn’s caliber should restore some faith in the project and keep anticipation high for its August debut.


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