Mike Colter has spoken out once again regarding the cancellation of Luke Cage by Netflix. After previously expressing gratitude, Colter is now wondering where the next season may have gone with Cage’s new role in Harlem.

“All dressed up with nowhere to go,” Colter tweeted, referring to the suited up Cage that closed season two. As Colter suggests, we’ll probably never know how Cage’s bold strategy to control (or run?) crime in Harlem would have worked out.

It is theoretically possible that Luke Cage could find new life on the Disney streaming service, but the series’ TV-MA style doesn’t seem like a fit for that brand. It could work on Hulu or FX once the Disney-Fox deal is complete but by then, it could be too late.

I don’t think Marvel is going to resurrect the show, but even if they wanted to, Colter, who’s now free to sign on for any other projects, may not be available.