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Recently, it was reported that Shriek would be joining Carnage in Venom 2. Now, a report from Variety claims an actress is being eyed for the role.

According to the report, Naomie Harris is in talks to play the villain, and will torment Tom Hardy’s Venom opposite Woody Harrelson’s Carnage. Details beyond that are unknown, although the comics might give us some insight into the dynamic between Shriek and Carnage.

In the comics, Shriek and Carnage have a romantic relationship and often team up to form a formidable and dangerous duo. There’s no indication whether Venom 2 will take inspiration from the comics, but it’s likely Shriek and Carnage will have some kind of existing relationship going into the sequel.

At the end of the first Venom, Carnage (aka Cletus Kasady) was in prison, where he warned Eddie Brock (aka Venom) that something bad would happen. Perhaps Shriek is responsible for breaking Kasady out, kicking off what could be a Bonnie and Clyde-style crime spree.

Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams are expected to return in Venom 2, with Andy Serkis taking over directing duties. No release date is set for Venom 2, but Sony currently has a date open in October 2020, so the sequel could arrive much sooner than you think.

Source: Variety