Shutterstock - Paul Dano - Kathy Hutchins
Shutterstock - Paul Dano - Kathy Hutchins

Following news that Jonah Hill won’t be in Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, a new report claims Paul Dano has been cast as The Riddler. The report says Warner Bros. made a formal announcement on Thursday.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dano’s character will be named Edward Nashton. Audiences are likely more familiar with his villain name Edward Nygma. It’s unclear why director Matt Reeves has gone with his surname, and no details were revealed by THR.

The Batman is said to feature some of the hero’s rogues gallery, including Penguin, and it was recently reported that Zoe Kravitz was said to be playing Catwoman. Without Hill now out of the picture, there’s no word on who else is being considered for a role in The Batman, but it’s likely more announcements will be made soon.

Dano isn’t a Hollywood household name by any means, but the actor has an impressive resume, appearing in films such as Prisoners, There Will Be Blood, and the wonderfully weird Swiss Army Man. He joins Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, and Jeffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon.

Production for The Batman is expected to get underway early next year, with a release set for June 25, 2021.

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter
IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Paul Dano – Kathy Hutchins