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In 2005, you talked about your interest in making a Deadpool movie. Now that it’s actually happening, is it like a wish fulfillment?
Yeah, it is a bit of wish fulfillment. I do feel like I flipped a coin in the exact right fountain at some point, but I’m excited. It’s been an incredible year. Actually, we’re just at the beginning of our first week so I’m not even into [it] yet fully.

What’s the most exciting thing about playing him?
It’s just how unusual he is. You understand why there was trepidation to make the movie early on? Because it’s a really difficult character to put up on the screen for the studio. He’s a character that’s aware he’s in a film, he’s aware that he breaks the fourth wall. I mean, he does certain things that are unlike anything else in the X-Men Universe yet he is a part of the X-Men Universe. So it makes it a little challenging, I think, to find a way. He’s so popular—the comic book alone [is] one of the most popular selling comic books of all time so it’s exiting to be here shooting it. We don’t have the budget that most X-Men movies do. In the super hero world, this would be considered an independent film.

And there’s the debate on whether it’s gonna be rated PG-13 or R because of how gory it is.
That debate rages on. We’ll see.

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