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Solo: A Star Wars Story wasn’t just a return to the dusty Western, gunslinging roots of Star Wars. It was also a creature feature, filled with strange aliens and terrifying monsters, many of which were brought to life the old fashioned way: with puppetry and costumes — incredible puppetry and costumes, at that. Under the leadership of Neal Scanlan, the Solo creature shop made some of the most detailed, lifelike, and impressive other-worldly beings yet seen in a Star Wars film. There’s the Corellian hounds, or dogs-turned-nightmare fuel; Lady Proxima, the towering worm-thing with a taste for jewelry; and of course, some intimidating sabacc players from around the galaxy. Marking today’s release of Solo on Digital and Movies Anywhere (and its upcoming September 25 release on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and On-Demand), spoke with puppeteer Brian Herring — a creature shop veteran of every modern Star Wars film, who’s performed BB-8, porgs, and thala-sirens — to uncover some of their behind-the-scenes secrets.

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