Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will have a new ally when Spider-Man 3 hits theaters next year. According to a report from Murphy’s Multiverse, Charlie Cox will reprise his role as Daredevil, who he famously portrayed in the beloved Netflix series.

Whether Cox’s big screen debut will evolve into something larger remains to be seen, but fans of his character will be happy to hear he has any involvement at all. Since the Daredevil series on Netflix ended, fans have been begging Marvel to bring the character back, and it appears the studio heard those calls.

Murphy’s Multiverse speculates that Cox could be headed for a new series on Disney+ after his turn in Spider-Man 3. Cox has expertly played the role of Daredevil since Netflix’s debuted a series back in 2015. But the show — along with the other Marvel shows on Netflix — was ultimately canceled. However, now that the rights are back in Kevin Feige’s hands, Daredevil appears to be part of Marvel Studios’ future plans.

It’s a surprising addition to the growing Spider-Man 3 cast, which will also reportedly include Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus and Jamie Foxx’s Electro — both of whom portrayed baddies in previous Spider-Man films. There have also been reports that Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Kirsten Dunst are also set to reprise their previous Spider-Man roles, in what could be a live-action version of the Spider-Verse.

We always wondered if Netflix’s Marvel shows would tie-in with the larger Marvel Studios universe, and if this report is true, it finally will. Whether there are plans for the other characters from Netflix’s Marvel shows remains to be seen. For now, we’re excited by the possibilities of Daredevil’s involvement.

While little is known about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 3, we do know that the movie is currently filming, with a current release date set for December 17, 2021.