When I launched Superhero News last month, I didn’t think article comments would be very important. My goal is to collect the best comic book movie and superhero stories from around the web, and have each article headline take you directly to the source of news. I still wanted to build a community here at Superhero News, so I added some forums, powered by Muut. Those haven’t really taken off, and a feature that’s been requested multiple times was the ability to comment on individual articles.

I’m happy to announce that every article on Superhero News now has comments, powered by Disqus. Many of you came over here from Batman News or Spider-Man News, so now you’ll be able to comment using your existing Disqus account. It’s easy to sign up for an account if you don’t have one as well.

When you’re on the Superhero News homepage, clicking the “Summary” button will still give you a quick glance at the full article, but this is how you’ll be able to read comments now too. If you come in from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube, you’ll automatically land on the “Summary” page and be able to quickly head on over to the full article or load up the comments and discuss the story right here on Superhero News.

How are you liking Superhero News so far? Hit that “Load Comments” button below and let me know what you think!