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Next week, the excellent Spider-Man game for PS4 is getting its first piece of downloadable content. It’s a new mission that brings Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat herself, back into Peter Parker’s Spandex-clad life. But it’s bringing with it even more costumes, if you can believe it, including a pair right out of the comics.

As revealed by Sony today, The City That Never Sleeps: The Heist will add another three suits to the cornucopia of costumes already in the game. One, like Adi Granov’s Velocity Suit in the base game, is an all-new design. But it does have a link to the comics in that it’s designed by a Marvel Comics artist—in this case, Gabriele Dell’Otto, who made the very angular, and very shiny “Resilient” Suit you can see in the middle of the three costumes:

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