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Perhaps the biggest surprise to emerge out of Hall H on Saturday was the release of the trailer for Shazam! The film’s production wrapped in May, and while it was expected that Comic-Con attendees would get a first look, Warner Bros. surprised fans by also releasing the trailer online. David Sandberg’s film is based on the comic property Captain Marvel, whose name eventually became Shazam after the rise in popularity of a version of Marvel’s character of the same name, who will also get her big-screen debut next year. Like the comics on which it’s based, Shazam! offers a lighter touch to DC’s growing cinematic universe- Worlds of DC. Described as a superhero version of Big (1988), the trailer’s comedic tone, and star Zachary Levi’s presentation, played well to the crowd. In what looks to be a film that balances heart, humor, and stakes, Shazam! may end up being one of next year’s most pleasant surprises.

The trailer begins by introducing us to 14-year-old foster kid, Billy Batson (Asher Angel), who despite being a little rough around the edges is naturally good at heart. The depiction of Billy Batson in the comics hasn’t always been consistent, and when the character debuted in Whiz Comics No. 2 in 1939, he was a bit more wide-eyed and innocent. The film updates him and his supporting cast to reflect the current era, despite the inherent golden age trappings associated with Shazam.

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