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As The Gifted prepares for its second season on FOX, newcomer Grace Byers is preparing to take the throne as the new queen of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle.

“You see her as wealthy, you see her as refined and sophisticated, very powerful, very much in control, but she wasn’t always that way,” Byers tells during a visit to The Gifted’s Atlanta set. “She grew up on the south side of Chicago not just being a mutant in this world but also biracial and poor, and so she remembers that very, very vividly, and so I feel like instead of distancing herself from that, that fuels her into kind of saying, ‘Alright, I can use my power my influence and my wealth to create a world that is better for my people, for the mutants, because I don’t want anyone to experience what I’ve experienced.’ So that makes her the bomb in my book.”

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