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There are those characters in movies that just pop off the screen — the ones that draw your attention from the first moment you see them and don’t let go. Enfys Nest, the masked marauder of Solo: A Star Wars Story, is one of those characters. The costume, with its tribal, dystopian, found-object look, is incredible. Enfys looks cool, no doubt, and is a threat to our heroes in a way that commands respect. But there’s another layer to the draw of Enfys. When the supposed villain, leader of the deadly Cloud-Riders biker gang, unmasks at the end of the film — revealing a wise-beyond-her-years young woman — she is elevated even higher. We’re moved from feelings of suspicion and fear to empathy and allegiance. She’s somehow even cooler. And in that instant, both Enfys and actor Erin Kellyman, who plays the surprise hero with confidence and subtlety, join the ranks of the best in Star Wars. To mark this week’s release of Solo on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and On-Demand, caught up with Kellyman about auditioning, swoop bikes, and the complexity of Enfys Nest.

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