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MTV News’ Josh Horowitz asked Diesel if this was all an “if it happens, it happens” type of deal when Diesel was in town to promote “The Last Witch Hunter” for the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast, and the “Fast and Furious” star said that it all comes back to Groot.

“I don’t do too much ’if it happens,’” Diesel explained. “Do you know what I mean?… I don’t do too much ’if it happens,’ it’s more at what level it will happen… it’s not a matter of me wooing Marvel, it’s a matter of Marvel wooing me. And I love them, but I’m just saying, show me a dope script and show me a great director, all of which I know that Kevin [Feige] is capable of, because he dazzled me when he suggested Groot. That was, like, profound to me.

“Of course he was playing off of ’The Iron Giant,’ so it did feel like a natural next step for that, and a way to service ’The Iron Giant’ in a kind of new form,” Diesel continued. “It couldn’t have gone better; I thought it was genius. I’m not doing anything just for work. I’m doing things that I can feel passionate about, and that I feel like I can contribute to.”

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