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Last week came word that Matt Reeves’ The Batman has a finished script, and that while it is still undergoing some tweaks, is aiming to start shooting in November. There’s been a lot of “will he?/won’t he?” speculation in regards to Ben Affleck redonning the cape and cowl The actor-director, who was previously set to write and direct The Batman before stepping down nearly two years ago, has a number of projects lined up, including starring in the recently announced I Am Still Alive. This isn’t to say that Affleck won’t return as Batman, but reading the tea leaves and the frequently circulating rumors that Reeves’ script will feature a younger Batman, it seems safe to assume we’ll see casting news for a new Bruce Wayne/Batman this year. Blogs have thoroughly mined the question of Affleck’s return for the past year, and it’s not particularly interesting. What is interesting is considering what kind of Batman Reeves’ film will feature, whether he be played by Affleck or a newcomer.

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