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Earlier this week Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart were awarded with Guinness World Record certificates for holding the longest careers as live-action Marvel superheroes, as Wolverine and Professor X respectively. From X-Men (2000) to Logan (2017), the two actors held their roles for 16 years and 228 days, with Logan providing a powerful farewell to both of those characters as we’ve come to know them onscreen. In a video clip from This Morning, Jackman celebrates his record, delighted and emotional over an honor he’s dreamed about since childhood. It’s a touching moment that reminds us of how much these characters impact us and the actors who play them. While the nature of modern superhero movies permits that these roles are passed down, like Shakespearean characters or James Bond, that doesn’t prevent actors from being immortalized by these heroes and villains. As we prepare for Avengers: Endgame, and potentially get ready to say goodbye to another group of heroes and villains we’ve had the chance to watch grow over the years, it’s worth considering what these actors mean to us in these roles and the legacies they leave behind.

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