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The dark times are almost over. We have been on our own since “The Snap” in April, with no major, official news on Avengers 4. We have filled the void with rumors and speculation from the title of the film to several theories as to what “End Game” Doctor Strange had in mind when he surrendered the Time Stone, if that’s what he really did.

Relatively soon, we will have official details to better inform our guesswork. Avengers: Infinity War started its marketing campaign in late November 2017 and we can probably expect the same for Avengers 4. The first teaser trailer, whenever it arrives, will put one of the most persistent rumors/theories to the test.

Time travel has been part of the Avengers 4 conversation ever since cameras were rolling (the first time around, not just the recent additional photography). While much of the focus has been on going back in time, the past several months have been full of rumors regarding a major leap forward and it makes a lot of sense.

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