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Today will see the release of the much-anticipated Blu-ray box set of Batman: The Animated Series courtesy of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. I’ll be digging into the discs later today (they just arrived on my doorstep), specifically for the handful of new bonus features and a glance at some random episodes to gauge their audio/visual quality. I’ll try to have that review tomorrow, along with my ten favorite Batman: TAS episodes. But for the moment, I wanted to discuss something that bears repeating.

26 years later, it is easy enough to note that Batman: The Animated Series is the best Batman toon, or maybe even the best superhero television show of all time (all due respect to your favorite Netflix MCU shows or the CW’s DCTV). But the reason it stood out in 1992 and the reason it stands out today is one and the same. It stands out because of its scale. It may have been a superhero show, but it was rarely larger than life. And it is that adherence to the human-sized drama that has allowed it to age so well.

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