When Steve recently sat down with Simon Kinberg at the Toronto International Film Festival to talk about The Martian (which Kinberg produced), they also broached the subject of the upcoming X-Men film, X-Men: Apocalypse. Check out what Kinberg had to say in the video below, and watch him geek out about working with Ridley Scott while you’re at it.

Here’s Kinberg’s full quote regarding X-Men: Apocalypse: It delivers on the dramatic story and emotion of the last two movies. It feels like the culmination of the four main characters really — McAvoy, Fassbender, Nic Hoult, and Jen. And it’s a bigger movie in both physical scale and I would say emotional stakes too because it is the culmination of this mini trilogy of stories.

Kinberg was quick to say that this is the culmination of the main characters’ journey, as opposed to the culmination of the entire X-Men franchise and called it a “mini-trilogy”, so Singer just revealed that for his next film, he’s heading off to direct 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, which means we likely wont see him at the helm of whatever incarnation the X-Men franchise takes on next.

SOURCE: Collider