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‘Suicide Squad’ cast already training together for the sequel?

Joel Kinnaman, who plays Rick Flag, posted a photo on Twitter and Instagram today working out with Suicide Squad stars Jai Courtney and Jay Hernandez, along with a trainer. “Brendan whipping us back into shape. Jay puked,” he wrote. Brendan whipping us back into shape. Jay puked. #garagegym A post shared by Joel Kinnaman (@joelkinnaman) […]

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Rumor: Ben Affleck may be in ‘Suicide Squad 2’ for his last Batman appearance

One movie that’s definitely happening (and just got a new producer this week) is Suicide Squad 2. According to Batman-On-Film, there’s a chance that Affleck’s final time as Batman will be in that movie. Affleck has worked with Suicide Squad 2 director Gavin O’Connor on 2016’s The Accountant, so perhaps the two are looking to […]

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Margot Robbie wore a Gucci dress and Cartier jewelry at the 'Suicide Squad' film premiere in London.

Margot Robbie’s advice for DC Films producers: Trust your director’s vision

“The most important thing as a producer is it’s your job when you pick your director to stand by your director,” Robbie explained. “You can’t stand by your director and second guess everything. There are times when you step in and debate a certain situation. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned.”

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Margot Robbie’s working on a Harley Quinn spinoff that’s not ‘Gotham City Sirens’ or ‘Joker/Harley’

When asked if she was referring to the Joker/Harley movie or Gotham City Sirens, Robbie replied: “No, it’s a totally separate one”. “There’s a lot going on right now, and I don’t think anyone knows for sure what the next thing to happen, but I think everyone’s keen to get Harley back on screen. Everyone’s […]

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New ‘Suicide Squad’ set photos reveal unused costumes for Harley Quinn and Joker

Mixed in with Maldonado’s commentary are many new, never-before-seen set photos from the Suicide Squad reshoots. We get to see new costumes for Harley Quinn and The Joker that weren’t in the movie. It’s unclear if these were from deleted scenes or just costume tests, but it’s still pretty awesome regardless. Check out the Suicide […]

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‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer continues to regret not making The Joker the main villain

“Believe me. I agonize over this,” Ayer tweeted yesterday when a fan said that The Joker should’ve been the villain. “Yes. Joker should have been main bad guy.”