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Suicide Squad


Jaume Collet-Serra passes on ‘Suicide Squad 2’ to make a movie with The Rock

Jaume Collet-Serra was Warner Bros.’ top choice for the Suicide Squad sequel, after script and production delays forced their original choice, Mel Gibson, to move on. Deadline reports that Collet-Serra has decided to pass on Suicide Squad 2 in order to direct Disney’s Jungle Cruise, which stars The Rock.

Suicide Squad


Jared Leto groped and kissed Suicide Squad’s Ike Barinholtz while in character as The Joker

In an interview with NZ Herald News last week, Ike Barinholtz, who played the prison guard Griggs in Suicide Squad, recalled an awkward day on set with Jared Leto when he groped him and kissed him on the mouth during a scene.

Suicide Squad


The problem with ‘Suicide Squad’ and DC movies, according to Marvel star Chris Pratt

“I really like all the Warner Bros. movies,” Pratt said. “I think they’re really cool and I’m not a real tough critic on those movies. But one of the flaws might have been they were introducing too many characters in Suicide Squad. They spent 10 minutes telling us why should we care about these characters, […]

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Ben Affleck’s Batman stunt double talks ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Suicide Squad’ work

Andy DiGenova co-hosts the Batman News podcast (don’t worry, it’s coming back soon!), but he also hosts his own podcast called Holy BatCast. This week Richard Cetrone, Ben Affleck’s Batman stunt double, was a guest on the show, and told lots of cool stories from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad.

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Warner Bros. wants to shoot ‘Suicide Squad 2’, ‘Gotham City Sirens’, or others this year

With Aquaman beginning production in May, Kroll says that Warner Bros. wants to put another DC Comics movie in front of cameras this year. And they have a handful in mind to choose from. Kroll says that Gotham City Sirens, The Flash, Green Lantern, Suicide Squad 2, and Dark Universe are all being considered to […]