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Next, you’re doing another superhero film, ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, featuring the Superman you’ve scored before for ‘Man of Steel’, and also a character that you’ve approached before in a different cinematic context, Batman. Are you doing a different take on Batman, or drawing from your established theme, or something else?

You know something? I have agonized over it. I agonized over it, so much so that finally, I went, I don’t want to betray what Chris [Nolan], James Newton Howard and I did. And so I asked Zack [Snyder] if it would be OK if I called a friend in. And I’m going to be working with Junkie XL, who really is a great friend. He just finished the Mad Max score. I said to him, “You take care of Batman. I’ll do the other guy.” And Zack loved that idea. It’s a way out.

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