It’ll be a few years before Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters, but director Taika Waititi is already providing fans with details about the upcoming movie.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Waititi said the next film will double down on what made Thor: Ragnarok so special.

“We’re sort of launching ourselves again on this adventure film, really,” Waititi said. “That was the thing really that I loved about doing Ragnarok, it felt like we were just putting Thor on a really cool adventure. There’s always like new things to see and do, and this one, I think we’re gonna double down a lot on that and have it bigger, bolder and brighter.

Finishing his thought, Waititi said there will be some “really crazy stuff” in Thor: Love and Thunder.

One crazy thing we do know will be in Thor: Love and Thunder is the return of Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster, who Marvel said will wield Thor’s hammer. Korg, who is voiced by Waititi, is also returning.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters on November 5, 2021.