Hugh Jackman says goodbye to his last Wolverine beard (video)

The Wolverine is no more! Hugh Jackman has been publicly saying, repeatedly, that this is his last go as Wolverine, in the still unofficially titled Wolverine 3. Now, he’s saying goodbye to part of the signature look of Logan, those glorious mutton chops and the beard. The look for the rumored “Old Man Logan” based […]


taylor swift tom hiddleston

Robert Downey Jr. turns Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift into an Avengers joke

Oh RDJ, you catty boy! If you can’t tell, this was done to mark the occasion of Hiddleston joining Instagram – so if you are one of his legions of fans, better start following @twhiddleston. His account is already up to 583K fans (at the time of writing this); with RDJ’s help, it’s sure to swell well beyond that. […]

Captain Marvel


Here’s Brie Larson in Captain Marvel pajamas reading Captain Marvel

The Oscar-winning actress can be seen in her latest Twitter post in a pair of Captain Marvel pajamas reading Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Captain Marvel Vol. 1: Higher, Further, Faster, More. It will hearten fans of the character a great deal to see her starting with what many perceive to be Captain Marvel’s true ascension into […]