‘Wolverine 3’ director addresses Mister Sinister reports

If you didn’t know who Mister Sinister was before this week, then you have probably at least heard his name by now. The famous X-Men villain made headlines following the release of X-Men: Apocalypse since producers Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg said the character would appear in Wolverine 3. But, if you ask the film’s […]



‘Thor: Ragnarok’ will be partially set in New York

Even though Marvel Studios has said Thor: Ragnarok will be largely set away from Earth, it looks like Thor can’t stray far from New York for all that long. To ease the god’s separation anxiety, it looks like the film will be partially set in New York judging by new set photos.


taylor swift tom hiddleston

Robert Downey Jr. turns Tom Hiddleston & Taylor Swift into an Avengers joke

Oh RDJ, you catty boy! If you can’t tell, this was done to mark the occasion of Hiddleston joining Instagram – so if you are one of his legions of fans, better start following @twhiddleston. His account is already up to 583K fans (at the time of writing this); with RDJ’s help, it’s sure to swell well beyond that. […]